About Propecia

Dihydrotestosterone is a male hormone, the advanced concentration of which triggers serious health problems and unwanted abnormalities. According to the results of recent

medical studies, the DHT level increases as men age, which means the risk of certain complications enhances, too. While the hormone is inevitable for young males, especially in a fetus, it can be a reason for various health disorders development in the older age. Most commonly advanced dihydrotestosterone triggers:

  • Male-type baldness;
  • Prostate enlargement;
  • Hair growth in unwanted areas, such as back, nose, and ears;
  • Acne and others.

All the above-mentioned disorders are unwanted and can prevent men from normal functioning, but baldness adds aesthetic discomfort to all the other medical problems. Dihydrotestosterone can impair the development of male pattern hair loss by:

  • Reducing the number of visible hairs;
  • Shortening the hair growth phase;
  • Progressive decrease of hair follicles, etc.

Generally, the hormone can stimulate a range of unwanted reactions, which will lead to hair loss and related complications. However, the pharmaceutical market has an effective solution, which will assist males in both treatment and prevention of possible complications development.

Propecia and Its Effects

Propecia is an FDA approved medication, which aims at the cause of male pattern baldness, the above-mentioned hormone dihydrotestosterone. Originally, the treatment is created for benign prostate hyperplasia treatment, though further it was approved as baldness treatment. The powerful composition of the drug works preventing testosterone conversion into dihydrotestosterone. Due to such a powerful impact, the remedy considerably decreases DHT concentration in the organism (up to 70%), so it can completely stop, slow down or sometimes even reverse hair loss.

Following the medical information and safety recommendations, Propecia is appreciated as treatment of male-pattern baldness that appears on the anterior mid-scalp area and vertex. The medication can prevent the aggravation of balding on the head top and receding hairline. It is ultimately important to remember that Propecia is approved for men only; women and children mustn’t use the drug.

Advantages of Propecia Use

The researchers of American Academy of Dermatology claim that Propecia can slow down hair loss in over 85% of males. The treatment triggers regrowth in up to 65% of males, which is a perfect opportunity not only to decrease the symptoms of baldness but also stimulate hair regrowth.

Other benefits of the medication include the following:

  • Excellent first-line of attack. The medication launches a powerful influence on male pattern hair loss, so it can effectively slow down and reverse baldness;
  • Appreciated by doctors. According to the available information, Propecia is widely prescribed by most dermatologists and hair loss specialists;
  • Affordable. The medication is also available in the generic form, which allows you to considerably save your budget;
  • Well-tolerated;
  • Easy-to-use;
  • Safe.