Propecia Generic

Propecia is an FDA approved treatment that is classified as a male pattern hair loss remedy. Despite the original use of the medication was the improvement of benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment, the drug showed little success in that area and became widely spread and appreciated for alopecia treatment. The active component of the drug, Finasteride, deals with the problem of hair thinning on the anterior scalp area, which frequently presupposes balding on the crown and receding hair line. The medication is approved for males only, which means it cannot be administered by children and women.

Due to the fact that Finasteride prevents testosterone conversion into dihydrotestosterone, it is appreciated mainly by aging patients. The drug works preventing unwanted processes and their outcomes. Brand Propecia is widely appreciated on the market, though its cost is quite high, which makes certain people search for alternatives. Finasteride is an active component of the brand medication and a generic name of effective Propecia alternative.

Important Difference between Brand and Generic Finasteride

Comparing brand Propecia and generic Finasteride, it is inevitable to pay due attention to the effectiveness of the drugs and their similarities. Due to identical compositions, the remedies are likely to trigger the same influences on specific health problems. However, despite the fact that the treatments are medical equivalents, the generic version is available at a considerably lower price. The key difference between the drugs lies in production. The generic version of this effective treatment is manufactured by a professional and dependable but non-brand company. As a result, the cost of the treatment does not presuppose a range of brand-related expenses. On the other hand, manufacturers have to prove their effectiveness and stability, so they guarantee quality, strength and effectiveness of all the provided drugs.

Effectiveness and Safety of Generic Propecia

Despite the treatment is produced by a generic company, its safety and effectiveness remain identical to brand Propecia. Generic Finasteride is characterized by the same active component that inhibits the body enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase. Traditionally, the enzyme triggers testosterone conversion into dihydrotestosterone, which results in an unwanted impact on male hair growth. The result of Finasteride intake is a decreased dihydrotestosterone range, which positively affects alopecia and several other body functions.

Similar to the brand counterpart, generic Finasteride is recommended for a long-term use. Consequently, the first effects will be noticed after several months of regular medication use. On average, patients report significant condition improvement after 3-4 months of Finasteride intake. The sudden stop of the medication use can trigger unwanted withdrawal reactions, so keep using the drug unless your doctor advises you to stop.